Stage plays

My very first gig was in a short film called Alley Cats. My next several acting endeavors were all on stage, and that served me well. It was training that I needed. And it was wicked fun.


This is where you can stretch. This is where all that training about how to be BIG gets put to use. This is where you learn how truly important it is to share your performance with that person in the back row.

And along the way, you learn to collaborate with a team and the value of extended rehearsals. Rehearsals in film tend to be short and sweet. It’s quite the opposite in stage productions.

And it is absolutely wonderful. The connections you develop with the people you work with are deep and meaningful. You develop your craft in ways that you don’t or can’t on film. You get audience feedback that helps drive your performance, and sometimes not.

The whole thing serves your craft and must be done if you are to take this endeavor seriously.