Drive for Lyft in Pittsburgh

Thinking of being a driver for Lyft in the Pittsburgh area?

Or perhaps you’d just like some free Lyft ride credits with the app here.


Follow this link for an online application and all the information you need to evaluate driving for Lyft in Pittsburgh.

Why, you ask?

  • For starters, it’s a part time revenue generator that is entirely on your terms.
  • It allows you to leverage the value of that big investment you have in your car.
  • It allows you to get familiar with neighborhoods all over Pittsburgh and the suburbs, and to get paid while you do it.
  • It’s great networking. If you have a business, anything from window washing to web development, you will meet people who want information about it and some of them will become clients.
  • And the kicker, you will meet Pittsburgh people who aren’t just nice, although you will meet a lot of those, you will meet people with fascinating stories.

As an example, my 17 rides last night included:

A super sweet blind couple with guide dogs from heaven

A young man who makes his living as a hockey referee

A musician who plays all over town- now I have passes to some of his venues

The girlfriend of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and 1st round draft choice in 2015

Bud Dupree

who resides in a place with an incredible view – sorry, no more details on that out of respect for this couple’s privacy 🙂

A carful of artists from the Art Fair

Tons of recent college grads who absolutely renewed my faith in this countries future

Click this link for more on Driving for Lyft in Pittsburgh.

Drive for Lyft in Pittsburgh

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