Commercials and some thoughts from the actors perspective.

I’ve auditioned for commercials on over 200 occasions and landed gigs on commercials a little over 20 times, so not a bad success rate in that space.

Basic thoughts if you are an actor looking to get into this space:

Know your type and own it from your head shots to your marketing material.


Commercials are not your opportunity to stretch and show range, they are your opportunity to be exactly what you look like.

No one casting a commercial is going to take a chance on you possibly becoming the character they need.

They are going to wait and find the person who fits their need exactly, with very little regard for all the acting training that person has invested in.

Play by these rules and greatly increase the number of commercial auditions or “look sees” that you turn into gigs.

Dad in the Brookfiled Zoo commercial

Dad on the Brookfield Zoo commercial in Chicago, seated next to Jennifer Blankenship, my frequent pretend wife.

Park Place Interiors

Loving husband in the Park Place Interiors commercial shot in suburban Chicago. This is one of three times I was cast opposite Jennifer Blankenship, as her husband, in completely different commercials cast by different agencies in the same year.

Tim Krueger in Cruise commercial shot on Navy Pier, Chicago

Happy tall guy on a dinner cruise commercial on Navy Pier in Chicago, pictured with frequent pretend wife, Jennifer Blankenship.

unnamed investement firm

Dad on computer in stock options commercial in Chicago